Art Mud Updates

We have completed our initial basic building assignments, leading up to our summative unit based on pinch, coil, slab with a theme based on textures. This work (ready for firing) will be due on Oct. 13th (as discussed in class).

Parent conferences are coming up, please set up an appointment in the MS office.


Grade 5 and 6 Art

Students are presently working on two different units and will be pulling them together in the upcoming weeks.  Painting and Mixed will be our focus.  There is some partially completed work, but we need to revisit them to rework our neatness and overall approaches to completion.

Parent Teacher Conferences are Oct 14th, 19th and 20th.  Please schedule an appointment on those dates from 1 to 6pm. 

The annual semester art exhibition will be coming up in November…can’t wait to see y’all there! 

Grade 6 SCULPTURE: Read This

Grade 6, when you begin to research and plan your sculptures…you should be documenting the following in your sketchbooks:

1. How your work is related to you or what is your sculpture about?!

2. How your work is related to an artist of interest (use books in class, they are the best)!

3. What materials will you use?  How do they dictate the meaning of your sculpture?

4. Create a minimum of 4 thumbnail ideas?  Each idea does not need to be completely different…rather, how can you come up with one super idea…but, how can you modify that idea slightly to keep a strong meaning?

All of these responses and drawings should be in your sketchbook.  Plan now, so when we return from October break, we can get down to building!

Good Luck!


GRADE 5 & 6 Paintings Due OCTOBER 3rd

All paintings are due without penalty on October 3rd.

This includes completing your own assessment form.  This must be typed and posted in your gdrive folder for art.  If you have any questions, come ask anytime.

In both classes, we have a lot to prepare for in the next few weeks!  Grade 5 will be moving into a short drawing unit.  Grade 6 will begin to prepare for their unit on sculpture.

Continue to do your very best in class – our hard work is paying off!

Grade 5 Paintings

Hi There!

A reminder to all grade five students…PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS WHEN THEY ARE GIVEN IN CLASS.  We have gone over them in class, you have access to hard copies and soft copies on your Google drive.

Let’s improve on reading the directions and getting the research completed on time.  We need to focus on painting…not researching every class period!  We are learning, but we must be effective in our organizations skills!  The majority of class time should be spent on PAINTING, not researching!  Once we understand the routine – we will see improvements 😉

Your paintings are due in roughly 10 days (Sept. 19)…keep working hard!

September 6th MURAL PAINTING


As Discussed in class, Ms. Morgan and I are planning to invited a small number of students from current MS art classes to work on the large mural.  This will be held September 6th from 9am to 1pm.  If interested, please email me, so I can place you on the list to be determined… 

We can only select a small number of roughly 20 per grade level.  So, only apply if you are able to stay the entire 4 hours and can follow the guidelines and instructions you were given in class.